Point Loma CA Real Estate, Point Loma area and Community Information

Point Loma, California is a beach front suburb of San Diego. Rich with multi-million dollar mansions on one side, a surfing community on the other and countless retail shops, fishing access and yacht clubs in the middle, the homes for sale in Point Loma offer not just a home but endless investment opportunities through vacation rentals. Tourists from across the country flock to Point Loma for the infamous fishing, shopping, and surfing and of course, the California sun. Point Loma is also home to the Point Loma naval base which employs roughly 48,000 military and civilian personnel.


Point Loma is known as the place where California began. This is because history states that this is the first point where Portuguese navigator Juan Cabrillo first docked when he was sent to explore the western coast. While the year of the first dock was 1542, European settlers did not actually establish the area until 1769. Many of the Point Loma properties continue to add historical value to the area. Some date back to the early 1900’s in their initial construction combined with modern updates to the interiors. Point Loma real estate makes great year-round and vacation homes for owners and investors.

Recreation in Port Loma

Anyone who owns or vacations in Point Loma CA real estate will enjoy year-round fishing, surfing and boating. This is the typical beach front living where the ocean is right there waiting. Kids enjoy learning how to surf and swim from the start and adults enjoy the luxurious beaches throughout the community. The Point Loma real estate agent can help anyone find the perfect real estate in Point Loma that is close by to the recreation the potential residents or investors enjoy.

Port Loma Attractions

With a suburb that is as rich in history as Point Loma, there are plenty of things to do anytime of the year. The old Point Loma lighthouse was used to guide in sailing vessels to the San Diego bay. Operated from 1851 to 1891, this historical landmark continues to offer tours to guests daily. While most of the attractions are based on water adventures, there are plenty of hills and wooded terrain throughout the community. The Scape Park Cap Cana offers and eco adventure chopped full of beach buggy rides, an 8 circuit zip-line and a suspension bridge. Oh and it also has an option to rappel into a cave which gives visitors an adventure they will not find anywhere else.

Real Estate Trends

Point Loma CA homes offer home buyers and investors both opportunities that would be perfect for anyone. While home sales remain steady, the prices have slightly declined making it the perfect time for the Point Loma home buyer. Those who want to live year-round in this versatile community can have their dream come true or those who are looking for the perfect investment can have it their way as well. Port Loma is a popular year-round tourism spot which means that vacation rentals are always in high demand.

Point Loma is rich in not just the trending real estate market but with history and an abundance of things to do that let visitors and residents enjoy nature. The lifestyle of those who visit and live in Point Loma include just about everything from an exciting night life to surfing and the extremely popular yacht club. The Point Loma realtor is highly trained and well-equipped to help everyone find the perfect Point Loma homes for sale or available investment property in this beach front suburb of San Diego.
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